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Homescapes Hack and Cheats Tool 2020

Homescapes is a puzzle game developed by Playrix as a freemium for iOS and Android devices. This game focuses on match-three tiles mechanism and earning of coins and stars.

Obtaining a genuine amount of virtual currencies and spending them on the renovation, as well as the purchase of new stuff, is everything that you need to do. The initial puzzle levels are easy, and they can provide a decent amount.

After a certain level, you might lack earning a genuine amount of resources. If it is the major concern with you, then you can look after Homescapes Hack and progress effectively. It is all about earning a good amount and spending them wisely.

Homescapes Hack

If you fail to earn a decent amount, then you might have to consider the purchase of virtual currency from the in-game options. That will be an expensive and wrong choice. So, you can use Homescapes cheats and progress at an effective rate.

What Is Special in Homescapes?

Needless to say, puzzle games are a lot more attractive if you have talent and good eyes. In puzzle games, you match tiles, and Homescapes is a similar game. It has a storyline that can impress you.

You are in this game to help the Butler named Austin. He wants to save his childhood home. It is old, requires renovation and lots of work. Austin’s parents want to sell this home, but Austin feels nostalgic about this place, so you are here to help him by renovating the home.

You complete puzzles to earn resources and renovating the home. By this mean, Austin’s parents will pay concern, and they will reconsider whether to sell this house or not. This is everything that you are told as a great storyline.

Homescapes Hack – Coins and Stars

To earn coins and stars, a vast number of methods are offered in this game. Apart from using alternative tools like Homescapes Cheats, you can consider the below-mentioned tips to get started –

  • Matching More than Three Tiles – When you match three tiles, you destroy them but get nothing except a few coins. When you match more than three tiles, you can earn a higher number of coins and other rewards.
  • Boosters – Matching more than three times as well as in a different formation helps you get boosters. All those boosters are good enough to destroy plenty of tiles. It will earn you an extra reward. If you have a booster, then you must use it.
  • Completion of Levels and Quests – You can find different quests and levels to complete. Both are helpful for earning coins. When you complete a puzzle in a smaller number of moves or in less time, then you get stars.
  • Daily bonus and Facebook Bonus – Opening this game on a daily basis will get you a daily bonus. It is a decent amount, and you can look after the Facebook bonus. Connect your gaming account to Facebook and invite friends to play. This will automatically help you out.
  • Watch Ads – On the main screen of the game, you can find a column to watch ads. It will help you earn coins. A decent amount is easy to earn but not more than that. You can consider an alternative in such cases, and the best option is Homescapes Hack for sure.

These are the top five effective tips to earn coins, and stars in this game, and progression become easier.

Homescapes Cheats

Homescapes Hack and Cheats Tool Features

Apparently, the experts of Homescapes Cheats believe that security is more important than resources. So, they created some advanced plug-ins and features. These areas follow –

  • Anti-Ban or Proxy – Proxy reroute the server through a tunnel which is encrypted. It keeps your data, username, and platform detail safe as well as untraceable.
  • Web-Based Operation – A web browser only what that you need to get started. There is no downloading od app or tools. 
  • Free to Use/No Verification – You don’t need to add any payment detail. Neither requires any completion of the verification process.
  • Absolutely No Root/Jailbreak – There is no need to root or jailbreak your device when the tool can directly provide currencies from the server of game developers. This can help to keep yourself in a safe zone.

We don’t believe in stuffing up unnecessary features; that’s why we added the safety-related features to help all the first-time users.

How to Use Homescapes Hack Tool

Progression through levels is ways typical than the use of Homescapes Hack, and if you are a newbie, then look at below mentioned five steps to get started.

Step 1 – Visit Website

Open any web browser on your PC or smartphone and then head over to the main website. Here, you can find the basic instruction and a “Generate” button. Read throughout the page and hit “Generate” to open the main website of Homescapes Cheats.

Homescapes Unlimited

Step 2 – Detailing

Here, you need to enter the username in Homescapes and the platform from iOS and Android. Tick the Proxy column and hit the “Connect” button.

Step 3 – Enter Amount

After a couple of minutes, a new web page will open, now enter the amount you want. Choose the number of coins and stars. Recheck everything and then hit the “Generate” button.

Step 4 – Fill Re-Captcha

So, resources are getting generated, but it might take some time. In case of having any suspicious connection, you might have to fill re-captcha.

Step 5 – Congratulations

Once everything is done, you will get the “Congratulations” message, and everything is done after that. 


While exploring your impressive skills of renovating home and earning currencies, you will love the simplicity of the game. It is similar to Homescapes Cheats, which can make you get numerous advantages alongside saving real money on the purchase of virtual currencies.

Keep it in mind, Coin and Star are important currency. Spend them wisely on upgrades, getting new items for the home, and then decorating with your vision. It is going to be a fun thing, and you are going to love the method of progressing at a faster rate.