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Homescapes – Everything Newbie Players Should Know!

In order to play Homescapes with perfection, you need to make use of a good strategy. At every stage of the game, you will be provided with an objective that you should complete to earn stars. Try to save up moves while completing the objective to level up. With the help of saving moves, you can earn a significant amount of coins. Along with earning stars by completing objectives, players should also focus on decorating Austin’s home. With the help of utilizing stars, players can complete the task related to home decoration.

The different levels provided in the game are not easy to solve, and that’s why players need to implement effective tips and tricks. Some levels can be solved in an easy manner, whereas others require a significant amount of time and effort. Make the best use of provided moves to complete objectives and then move forward to the next stages.

Importance of coins

Coins have great importance in Homescapes, which players should always keep in mind. In order to earn coins, you should take help from several methods. Earning coins is not difficult because you just need to complete the objectives on different levels. When you play at a stage, you need to save up moves, which are really beneficial to get coins. Every day, you will get some tasks that you need to complete to collect coins. You should also connect the game account with Facebook to grab free rewards that you will get in the form of coins.

Having enough coins help players to do lots of things with ease to boost up their ranking. Coins should be used smartly to swap furniture and to buy boosters. By using coins in a careful manner, players can make progress throughout the game.

How to play the game perfectly?

When you begin to play the game, then you will be provided with a tutorial that helps to know the basics. After this, you can easily head over to the real gameplay, where your main motive is to complete the objective at every stage. All the stages are not equal, and that’s why you should make a new strategy for every level to complete it. Focus on accomplishing the objective instead of wasting your time on unnecessary things.

Try to get boosters and then combine them to make powerful power-ups in order to get success in completing the level in no time. Make the right use of a good strategy to complete a difficult level in a quick manner.


The initial stages can be completed with ease in Homescapes, but later, you need to change your tactics. Make sure you have enough moves to complete the objective. And then, you will get a star that you can use to complete the task asked by Austin. Try to decorate the home properly in order to make it look beautiful. In this way, you will never feel bored while playing different stages, whether these are difficult or easy.