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Homescapes – Tips, Tricks, And Hints For Beginners!

Homescapes is a free-to-play game that has been launched by Playrix. As you know, the game is all about solving puzzles by matching three tiles. There are various levels that players need to complete one by one. Every level comes with an objective that players need to accomplish to unlock other levels. When you complete any level, then it provides a star in the form of reward. Players should collect a good number of stars that they can use later to rebuild the house and make progress throughout the story.

Complete the renovation tasks and jobs that Austin asks at every stage. While renovating the house, you should make use of the stars smartly. You should also try to save up some stars for later stages to reduce all the difficulties. Beginners also need to make use of some beneficial tips and tricks in order to make the task easier.

Try to make combos

While solving the different puzzles, you shouldn’t only focus on accomplishing your objective but also pay attention to some other aspects. Players should also try to make combos with the help of using different power-ups. When you obtain power-ups, then you should try to combine them to make powerful combos. In this way, you are able to complete your objectives quickly to complete several stages of the game. After getting the combos, try to get the best out of them to level up faster.

Save up your moves

While playing Homescapes, players need to pay appropriate attention to solve puzzles and complete a level to head over to the next ones. The initial stages are easy to play, but later, you may face many difficulties. At every stage, you will be provided with a limited number of moves that you need to use for solving a puzzle. You should always try to save up moves as more as you can to get numerous benefits. Saving up moves helps players to get a special piece of the board that can be used to grab a good number of coins. Always remember this tip while playing the game to get a lot of amazing benefits.

Link your account with Facebook

If you are a beginner and don’t know more about Homescapes, then you should check its various features. The game features allow players to connect the game with Facebook to claim free bonuses and to enjoy other perks. When you connect Facebook with your game, then you are able to play the game with your friends. And it also helps to save your progress, which means you can play the game in any device from the same stage that you have left before.

Other tips

With the help of completing different objectives, players can get a good number of coins. They should collect more and more coins to improve their ranking and also to rebuild the house in a better way. Having coins allow players to swap furniture as per their desire.